Membership with the Moonlight Players isn't just supporting the arts through lip service, it's a gateway to opportunities to help nurture and grow the theatre arts in your community!

If your passions include acting, dancing, or playing music, becoming a member adds you to our roster of performers within the theatre company.  Interested members also receive reminders for audition dates not only for Moonlight's Main Stage Series productions, but also for Second Stage productions and shows at partner playhouses.

If you've dreamed of directing your very own show, becoming a member is the first step to opening the door and making that dream a reality here at Moonlight.

Membership also gives you access to joining our committees and adding your voice to the discussion at our monthly Board meetings.  Committee activities and Board meeting discussions are what shape the present and future of Moonlight! Whether by contributing on the Play Selection Committee to help decide which plays to produce in future seasons, joining the House and Grounds Committee to guide the effort in maintaining and renovating our beloved warehouse theater, or signing up for the Publicity or Community Outreach Committees to engage and excite patrons and actors alike about what's happening at Moonlight, there are endless ways you can add your voice and unique talents to our theatre family that so many consider a second home!

After being a member for a year, you also have the opportunity to be nominated for election as a Board Member. There, you can take your support a step further by engaging in the activities the organization depends upon to continue our mission of providing quality entertainment and educational and creative opportunities for members of our community.

If performing or getting involved with your time and talents isn't what you're looking for, there's more to Moonlight Membership that you can enjoy!

Simply by becoming a member and adding your name to our roster, you can show sustaining support for your community theatre company.  Sponsors, donors, and grant-givers all like to know their financial contributions are going to support a strong, healthy organization.  What better way to prove that than by having a sizable, active base of members?

And beyond our basic membership as a Moonlight Member, you can show stronger support and receive additional benefits by purchasing membership as a Moonlight "Player", "Director", or "Producer"! All membership levels receive the benefits included with the basic membership as a "Moonlight Member". Additionally, our active members are recognized by name and membership level on a display in our lobby. You may designate your membership in honor or memory of another individual, or choose to remain anonymous.